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Side events

Next Generation P4G

The initiative “Next Generation P4G” sought to engage youth at the inaugural P4G Summit in Copenhagen on 19-20 October 2018. The objective was to ensure youth perspectives, skills and talents in order to enrich the P4G Summit and to pave the way for a new generation of P4G advocates.

Your Sustainable Life 

On Friday 19 October, Copenhagen Town Hall Square was turned into a sustainable Copenhagen home – in the form of a mega-sized apartment. The home’s supply chains was left exposed and companies, organizations and NGO’s showcased innovative sustainable solutions to some of the key challenges posed by increasing urbanisation.

Closing the Investment Gap

In the afternoon on 19 October, members of the Initiative on Closing the Investment Gap in Sustainable Infrastructure (CIG) presented robust portfolios of sustainable infrastructure projects that are large enough to be liquid in global capital markets. These clean energy portfolios are brought forward by the Governments of Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Jamaica, and Vietnam, working with private developers.