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Welcome to Your Sustainable Life

How can we save our planet, together? What can governments and companies do? What can you do? We need to turn global goals into daily targets for sustainable action.
In 2030, 60 per cent of the world’s population will live in cities. This growth in urbanisation places great demands on our common resources, city logistics and infrastructure and is expected to trigger an enourmous demand for new suitable solutions and require changes in daily habits for urban dwellers.

On Friday 19 October Copenhagen Town Hall Square, which is placed directly opposite the opening venue, will be turned into a sustainable Copenhagen home – in the form of a mega-sized apartment. The home’s supply chains will be left exposed and companies, organizations and NGO’s will showcase innovative sustainable solutions to some of the key challenges posed by increasing urbanisation. All P4G guests are invited to visit the home from 17:15-18:30.

The installation at the Town Hall Square will display the city as a framework solution for global challenges and seek to increase visitors’ understanding of their own role in the sustainable transition. Topics such as provision and consumption (water, food and energy), energy efficiency in buildings and indoor environment will come to life for visitors through physical and digital interaction within the apartment’s different rooms. An online calculator will allow guests to make estimates about the magnitude of global challenges in areas such as food loss, flooding in urban areas and health impacts of air pollution and see the positive effects of particular solutions.
More information to come.